Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vision for the continuing education of our coven

If possible I would like to have you guys do some lessons on a book that you have read. I know that this seems like a book report of sorts but I promise that you will get so much more from it spiritually than reading "Catcher in the Rye".

I would like you all to search within yourself and find a topic that calls to you. Be it tarot or druidism or something else that you find fascinating or deeply moving. I would like for you to find a book on the topic. Not just any book on the topic though because otherwise you will be going to Hastings or Borders to find any old book.

I want you to find a difficult book on the topic. IE: if you are in to the idea of Stregheria. Look up Leland's Aradia. Think of something a little more textbook style and go from there. You will find that there is a real reward to struggling through a book written by people hundreds of years ago about magick and learning what they have learned rather than wading your way through a book that gives you the information like prechewed food.

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